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Interested in helping a specific single mom in need?

The stories of single parents in our community are often complicated. And compelling. We invite you to hear more about these specific situations and, if you feel called, to assist these women directly.

- Meet Mary & her children -

This week we also came into contact with a mom working with the Colorado Victims Assistance Organization. Mary (not her real name) is a DV and human trafficking victim who is trying to start a new life for herself and her two children after experiencing such a devastating situation that her and her children have to change their names and social security numbers to escape their abuser.

Mary used to clean houses for a living and she would like to get back to it in order to move them out of the shelter, afford a vehicle, and buy the most basic of things like a vacuum for her business. Mary has all the skills and motivation she needs to be self-sufficient…

she just needs a hand-UP.

A financial donation would go toward us finding a car for her and their basic needs the shelter can’t cover. Further support will help them find the housing they desperately need and a few items to start her cleaning business.

If you'd like to instead support with professional cleaning item donations, gift cards, or other items that would be helpful to this family, please contact the office.

- Meet mom B & daughter K. -

B. is a 19 year old Longmont resident who was raised by a single mother. A high school graduate, she was self-sufficient until six months ago when she had a beautiful baby girl and at that time, they discovered she had cancer. Her mother has been trying to help her in every way she can, but due to surgeries and the physical stress from treatment, B. isn’t able to so much as hold her baby without risking bleeding from her incisions. Her mother has now quit her job so she can help with the baby, and the three of them live in an apartment with no housing or financial support beyond a few hundred dollars in food stamps and WIC.

Her original message to me is incredibly humble and considerate: I have lost so much weight that I have nothing that fits me. I don't feel right asking my mom for money for clothes since she

helps me out so much already.

Would you consider making a small donation to specifically support B. and her 6 month old girl, K.?

If you'd like to instead donate baby items (3-9 months for clothes) and women’s size small clothes, as well as gift cards, and items of comfort for this family, please contact the office.

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