College and Summer Camp Scholarships

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Providing Valuable Opportunities for Children of Single Parents

PEARL offers college and summer camp scholarships to children of single parents. Above All provides children the opportunity to enter into and build a relationship with Jesus Christ, achieve an advanced education, and grow through crafts, music and athletic activities in a summer camp setting. PEARL continually works with community partners to grow awareness around this important program, focusing on the area’s elementary, middle and high schools.

Diane's Story

PEARL has helped me so much with my car, ensuring I have a safe and reliable vehicle for my daughter, Andrea, and myself to get around. They have fulfilled so many needs but the one that sticks out the most is Christ-like love and support. The support I get from my mentor, and other beautiful women has gotten me through the darkest time of my life. Their constant encouragement and uplifting words continue to motivate my walk with Christ, show me that God does have a plan for me and it is better than anything I could every foster on my own.

Volunteer Story

I enjoy serving the [Single Moms’ Group] dinners. The women are so appreciative about having home-cooked meals.

Mentor Story

My parents quietly provided food, shelter, rent money, and love to hundreds of people with various needs in my hometown community throughout their lives. I promised God I would give back to others when my family was grown as a means of serving Him & honoring my parents. In addition, the only legacies I want to leave my own daughters are serving God and caring for others. It is because of these reasons that I volunteer at Kid’s Hope. The child I mentor, and her family are the added blessings I receive. Weekly she brings to me a fresh perspective of a young life in a very complicated blended family. My appreciation for her mom’s struggles and decisions opens my narrowly focused life to the ‘real’ world folks around us are experiencing. Their struggles provide topics of prayer and ideas for campaigning for needs for her family. I am realistic and understand my influence will not change or alter her life. But God can. It is my job to supply the opportunity for Him to speak to her heart.”


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