College and Summer Camp Scholarships

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Providing Valuable Opportunities for Children of Single Parents

PEARL offers college and summer camp scholarships to children of single parents. Above All provides children the opportunity to enter into and build a relationship with Jesus Christ, achieve an advanced education, and grow through crafts, music and athletic activities in a summer camp setting. PEARL continually works with community partners to grow awareness around this important program, focusing on the area’s elementary, middle and high schools.

Paula's Story

PEARL has vowed their support, as I complete my education and work toward self-sufficiency. I have recently been accepted into PEARL's “Pearl of Hope” program, which has begun to provide weekly mentoring and assistance in making sure our needs are being met. I will never be able to thank these people enough for what they have done to change my life but I will continually pay it forward. I have been overwhelmed by their care and concern shown and see that they take personal interest in those with whom they are working. I have now completed my GED and am currently attending college. Through my own determination and all the help I have received, I am in the process of creating a life for my son and me that is secure, safe and full of love and hope. I am so grateful to all the people who have supported me, loved me, shown me there is hope and continue to be God’s hand in my life. With their help, I have learned there is nothing impossible with God! Nothing! And secure in that profound truth, I have found my smile again!

Mary's Story

Before I joined this group, I considered myself a failure as a mother and wife. From the first time I attended, I realized that I wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t such a failure.

Christina's Story

I became a single parent when my husband of 7 years abruptly left for his longtime affair.  My son, Rob was just 18 months old and my daughter, Samantha, had just turned 3. I was left without family close to support me, and shortly after, I began attending LifeBridge Christian Church’s Single Moms Group.

There are many struggles a single mom faces and debt was my challenge. Though I was blessed to hold a decent job, the refinance of our home, left me in a tight predicament. Though I was struggling to provide what my children needed, my income put me right above the cut off to receive any type of government assistance and even reduced school lunches for my children. I didn’t qualify for loans because my debt was too high and my income too low and the fact that I had good credit or a good job didn’t matter. I was unable to purchase a car and home repairs were out of the question. I felt I was pretty much stuck and just barely staying afloat.

When I was accepted into PEARL's Focus Pearl Program I was given an opportunity to re-evaluate my life by looking at where I was and how I wanted our future to look. As a single mom, focusing on the future was never something I was able to do because I was always focused on just surviving, staying afloat and keeping my children safe and happy. With support and encouragement from my Mentor Family and PEARL's Leadership Team, I was able to step back and look at my life, asking what it was that I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. I didn’t have that kind of support, in my life, before PEARL.

As I started the Focus Pearl Program, I began keeping a journal.  I looked at my finances, career, household needs, my children’s needs/wants and finally my personal life.  I set goals and took little steps like consolidating credit card bills.

I have been blessed to have been matched up with a great Mentor Family. I really thank Elaine and Pete for being my mentors. Elaine has been fantastic and really encouraged me to look at myself and set goals and dreams, for my children AND for myself, as well! Not only have I accomplished so many things thanks to Pearl’s Focus Pearl program, but I now have lifetime friendship established with Elaine!


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