Cars that Care Pinewood Derby on July 25th to support Pearl


  • Pick up a FREE KIT at the old town marketplace in Longmont (332 main) any afternoon Monday-Saturday at Maldos Coffee and Boba and begin creating your car.
  • Event is open to both boys and girls of all ages
  • If you need help there will be a build clinic on Saturday July 18th at the Old Town Marketplace, east alleyway behind the building beginning at 10am. The track will be set up so racers can test their cars. Canopy tents and water will be supplied. Inside the marketplace there are several great businesses in which you can purchase ice cream, baked goods and coffee
  • Official car registration, weighing and measuring starts at 9am-12 on July 25th. There are currently 3 race heats scheduled, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm with awards at 4:30

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