2017 Annual Recap

A Good Year For The Pearl Group

2017, A Good Year for The Pearl Group

The Focus Pearl Program

During this year we have seen five women complete their coursework for college degrees and certifications. They have obtained skills they can carry forward into their selected areas of interest and work. Valerie Whatley continues to be our Program Director and works closely with this select group of moms.

In 2018 we are offering a “Getting Ahead; Building Resources for a Better Life” 16 week course of study to our selected Focus Pearls Program participants. These women will all be enrolled in school and this will be a supplemental course to help us investigate the communities we live in and how we each fit in. The purpose of this curriculum is to facilitate change from unstable circumstances to economic, mental and spiritual stability. This course stems from the book “Bridges Out of Poverty” which has helped many who work with those in generational and situational poverty to better understand our cultural differences and therefore be better equipped to serve. These women have reached a place in their lives where they are motivated to change.

Transportation Program

Thanks to generous donors and volunteers were able to provide donated cars to moms and their kids. Our car care clinics run once a month and help to keep cars in good working condition with preventative care.

We are so very grateful to our Partners at Lifebridge Christian Church and Sun Construction for the generosity and heart to help our Pearl Group moms and kids. We have so many others to thank for their monthly support Longmont Ford, Wiland Inc, Best Auto, American Auto, Napa, A Woman’s Work and You!

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